Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness…

Hurford Hardwood is committed to our forests, our community and our future.

Underpinning our commitment is an ambitious hardwood reforestation project in the local area where we have purchase over 5000 hectares of land and have commenced a planting program that will see more than 25000 new plantation eucalypt saplings established each year.

With careful management, Hurford Hardwood aims to commence ongoing sustainable harvesting of these plantations within 25 years.

The plantations are established according to strict environmental guidelines and a code of practice that is regulated by the NSW government. These guidelines are designed to protect soil and water resources and support the surrounding habitat with special consideration to Australia’s native flora and fauna.

Amenity plantings are included in every Hurford Hardwood planting operation. Never to be harvested, these mixed species trees are established on creek banks for soil protection and to complement designated natural regeneration areas to provide additional corridors of native forest.

Hurford Hardwood source a proportion of timber from private native forest with the balance procured from State Forestry which is certified under the Responsible Wood Certification Scheme.

Hurford Hardwood insist that all timber produced from these forests is done so under the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management, a system developed to sustain the full range of commercial and conservation values of the natural forest diversity within ecological limits, for current and future generations.