Our Products…

Hurford Hardwood manufactures a wide range of timber products from a diverse selection of indigenous Australian hardwoods. Each log is individually sourced under strict conditions established by the Department of Primary Industries to minimise environmental impact and ensure ongoing resource sustainability. All Hurford by-products, such as sawdust and woodchip also become valuable resources utilized by local regional businesses. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities, full time commitment to quality assurance upheld by every member of our dedicated production team and a tailor-made in-house training program synergise effortlessly with the AFTA quality assurance system, to ensure that all Hurford Hardwood timber products will continue to meet exacting standards.

Overlay Flooring

Ultra10 is a 10mm hardwood flooring product designed to offer a cost effective hardwood floor, which maximises the use of the resource. Ultra10 has been designed to be used over a solid subfloor such as plywood or particleboard and being only 10mm in height, it matches perfectly with other floor coverings. Ultra10 has a 5.5mm wear layer which enables the floor to be refinished many times maximising it’s lifespan. Download PDF brochure (1.2mb)

Hurford Hardwood has released an exciting wideboard overlay product that can be installed over existing sheet subfloors when height is of concern. Our 14mm product is available in 130mm and 180mm which all can be installed using a combination of adhesive and secret fixing. 14mm flooring is also available in all Hurford Australian species and grades to give versatility of colour and feature for every application. Download PDF brochure (1.2mb)

83mm x 12mm, 86mm x 12mm, 83mm x 14mm
Precision milled and graded these products are designed to be used over a solid subfloor, such as plywood or particleboard.

Hurford Hardwood Roasted is a process that uses ultrahigh temperatures to change the molecular structure of the hardwood and creates an extremely stable, more durable denser product with a deep coffee colour. The colour change to the product is permanent and penetrates all the way through, eliminating the need to stain floors. Download PDF Information Sheet (1.1mb)

Permanently altering the look to create a deeper richer, more intense hue of Australian Hardwood. With the knowledge and skill acquired from the ten years of thermally modifying Australian Hardwood, Hurfords has now developed a process known as Thermally Enhanced Hardwood. This process uses a unique temperature schedule through the drying process to create a colour palette that reflects the more traditional tones in the species, altering the blush lightness of Sydney Blue Gum to a more timeless deep scarlet intensity. Another advantage of Thermally Enhanced Hardwood is the transformation of the traditional lighter sapwood to a more natural and attractive warm undertone. Download PDF brochure (614kb)

Contemporary take on a historic style…
For a standout and visually appealing designed floor, Hurford’s XL Parquetry will give your home or commercial space a unique feature with the charm of historic style.
Single blocks are manufactured so they can be installed into many geometrical parquetry patterns, popular patterns suggested Herringbone, Brick and Square on Square. You can choose from a selection of Australian native solid timbers to stain and coat after installation to your desired finish.

Description: SOLID TIMBER Big Parquetry
Species: Blackbutt, Brush Box, Grey Ironbark, New England Blackbutt, Red Ironbark, Silvertop, Spotted Gum – NSW, Spotted Gum – QLD, Sydney Blue Gum, Thermally Enhanced Sydney Blue Gum,
*Roasted Peat + *Roasted Cayenne (Other species available on request)
Grade: Prestige
Profile: Secret Nail, Tongue & Groove, End Matched
Coating: Uncoated (Sand and coat once installed)
Size: 130mm x 14mm
*Roasted Peat + Cayenne 128 x 14mm
Length:  650mm *Roasted Peat + Cayenne 640mm (Other length available on request)
**Please enquire if you require a different size.
Coverage: 1.014M²/box
*Roasted Peat + Cayenne 0.983 M²/box
Packaging: 12 pieces per box – Left and Right Box
Install Over: Wood, particle board, plywood & plywood over concrete

Installing Hurford’s XL Parquetry requires a high level of skill and Hurford’s recommends only qualified tradespeople with the relevant skill levels undertake the installation.
Download PDF brochure (309kb)

Traditional Flooring…

80mm x 19mm
Where a floor deserves no less than the natural beauty of solid timber, Hurford structural tongue and groove end-matched 80mm flooring is perfect. A marvellously adaptable product, it can be installed over joists or battens and can even be laid similarly to our overlay range, over ply or particleboard. Our secret nail profile will allow you to conceal all fixings, providing you with strength, durability and a magnificent pure timber surface underfoot. 80mm flooring is available in all Hurford Australian species and grades, giving you a wide variety of colours and degrees of natural timber feature to compliment any design requirement.

130mm x 19mm
Hurford Hardwood understands that the some floors are worthy of a board with greater surface profile, to further enhance the unique natural character in each and every board. For this, Hurford Hardwood structural tongue and groove end-matched flooring in 130mm wide is ideal. The 130mm range requires a top nail profile, which means fixings can be seen. This results in a more traditional style timber surface that produces a captivating aura borne from the blend of natural product and skilled craftsmanship. This range of flooring is also available in all Hurford Australian species and grades, to give you a wide selection of colour and variety with natural timber feature to compliment any style requirement.

Wide Board Floors
Hurford Hardwood has developed a range of flooring that spectacularly takes pride of place in any application. The prestige graded wide boards seamlessly meld with contemporary style homes, while the grades displaying greater natural feature will add warmth and charm to more rustic designs. The wider boards are available in two profiles, being 180mm x 21mm and 210mm x 23mm. They can be laid over ply or battens and must be top nailed. The wider boards distinctively emphasize the natural character of timber flooring. By using fewer boards of a greater surface area, natural features such as back sawn grain are dispersed calmly throughout the floor, giving each individual board personality and a story of its own. Hurford offers a broad selection of species and grades in wide board profiles that are nothing short of breathtaking.

Hurford Hardwood produces small quantities of extremely high quality joinery grade timber in a variety of species. These large joinery sections are ideal for seamlessly blending a stunning Hurford floor with a staircase or kitchen bench top to create a truly individual masterpiece. Not all species are available in joinery please see product matrix for available species.

Hurford Hardwood endeavours to maximise the length recovery of each and every board throughout the milling process, by visually grading one grade to one board. Please note that the length of flooring boards is proportionate to the length of available logs, as such shorter lengths are becoming far more common.

Select Grade
Select grade denotes a minimal degree of natural feature. As a naturally occurring product, all timber flooring contains some features such as pinhole, gum vein and surface check. Features in Select Grade, although visible, do not dominate the appearance of the floor.

Prestige Grade
A high-level blend of grades, Prestige contains all the Select Grade and the upper part of Standard grade. This grade offers subtle features, including gum veins, natural pinholes and various other features. Slightly more features in size and quantity than Select grade can be expected in Prestige Grade.

Standard Grade
Standard grade relates to a moderately featured board. Flooring in this grade contains a regulated degree of feature, experiencing a greater degree of natural pinhole and gum vein. These features will not only be greater in quantity than Select grade but are also larger in size.

Feature Grade
Feature grade is, as the name suggests, high feature flooring. Each board is a veritable sea of natural feature, containing large knots, gum veins, pinholes and even some holes that can be filled during the laying process. Features will be greater in quantity and larger in size than Standard grade, all while maintaining a structural integrity of the product.

Rustic Grade
Rustic Grade is a featured floor that contains boards up to the equivalent of Standard Grade. It may contain some features that are more prominent than Feature Grade but with the structural integrity of a Feature Grade floor.

Conservation Grade (hardWALL, barnWALL):
Making the most out of the precious resource, Conservation Grade focuses on the highest amount of natural and man-made features make this a unique product that gives a true industrial appearance.

Variations in Timber
Timber is a spectacular and versatile natural material. It yields a vast degree of variety in colour, texture and naturally occurring feature. This diversity can be apparent even between pieces selected from batches of the same species. Sanding and finishing can also effect variation in colour and may even highlight subsurface feature.

Hurford Hardwood recommends that care be taken when making a preference selection based on a single sample piece or a small area sample. In all cases, timber flooring supplied will deviate in appearance between jobs and display samples. However, it is this deviation that makes every timber floor absolutely unique.

Timber flooring, whilst seasoned and kiln dried, will continue to take up and lose moisture throughout its life depending on weather, building aspect and local climate conditions. These fluctuations in moisture levels will create some movement and changes to the surface of your floor can be expected. This is normal and may include fine surface checking, gaps between boards and changes in colour over time.

Flooring Product Matrix

Note – This matrix is a guide only and from time to time some species may not be available in the products or sizes indicated above.