Hurford Overlay XL

Hurford Overlay XL

Since it’s inception in the late 90’s the industry norm for overlay hardwood flooring has been lengths between 400mm & 2400mm.

At Hurford Hardwood we already stretch this out to 2700mm long, but there is growing demand for longer length overlay that is closer to the specification in traditional 19mm flooring.

Hurford Hardwood is excited to introduce Hurford Overlay XL (Xtra Long) in it’s 83mm x 14mm
overlay product.

Hurford Overlay XL will be the same profile as regular 83mm x 14mm and can be interchanged without any problems.

So, if you have one long hallway or a large room that you think would look better with longer length flooring and lot’s of smaller rooms then why not mix and match XL and the standard product.

Profile: Hurford Hardwood pre-straightened Overlay.
Length Spec: 600mm to 4,500mm.
Species: Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Grey Ironbark, Blue Gum, Brushbox & Red Ironbark.
Size: 83mm x 14mm.
Grade: Select, Standard, Feature.
Moisture Content: 9 – 14%.